Weekend Warrior

2-Day Bedroom Makeover

Choose one of twelve beautiful bedrooms designed by Rebecca and Sharrah and follow along as they teach you exactly how to apply their design to your room in just two days.  

So often the only thing holding you back from a beautiful bedroom makeover is time. Well as a Weekend Warrior you can throw that excuse out the window, because with this course we can teach you how to get it done in just two days.  


"I don't know where to start."


We asked our audience of millions what was holding them back from a room makeover and the number one answer was "I don't know where to start."  Well we've got that covered. In this course, you start by choosing one of twelve bedrooms designed by Rebecca and Sharrah and follow along as they teach you exactly how to recreate the design and apply it to any bedroom layout.

12 Distinct Bedroom Designs

After you complete “Boot Camp” you will be able to choose your Bedroom Design Plan. Each Design Plan includes detailed video instructions teaching you how to recreate and apply the design to your bedroom, no matter your room's shape, size, or configuration.

"I don't have the time."


The second reason people put off their makeovers? They think they don't have the time. The idea for this course came from our own experiences of doing incredible room makeovers in just 2 days. That’s right… we have created some pretty awesome room design transformations over the years in record time and on small budgets. It's a challenge we have loved and thought, with the right guidance, you would love too. 

Not everyone has six months to dedicate to a remodel. With kids, jobs, diets, workout plans, and a social life to care for, sometimes we just need a quick fix. So while our other course, Life Changing Home Design, teaches you the entire design and remodel process, Weekend Warrior cuts right to the chase because we know how great it feels to be able to make an incredible difference seemingly overnight.
This course is about making the biggest impact in the least amount of time and lets be honest… who doesn't love that from time to time? 
So here's the setup…   
In this fast-paced course, we will teach you how to plan, prepare, and purchase everything you'll need to pull off a beautiful bedroom makeover in just 2 days. How?
Detailed Design Plans and an Hour-by-Hour Timeline.
We’ve taken away all the guesswork by designing 12 amazing bedrooms you can recreate in your own room.  That's right, the design work has already been done for you.
Additionally, we have even laid out your schedule for execution in an Hour-by-Hour Timeline and not kidding… you will go from sleeping in a ho hum bedroom on Friday night to waking up on Monday morning in the bedroom of your dreams. It's just that fabulous! 

Exclusive Hour-by-Hour Timeline

In order to help accomplish everything in a 2-Day period, we created an exclusive hour-by-hour timeline for you and your helper to follow during your makeover.  Rebecca and Sharrah will walk you through the timeline step-by-step so you know exactly what to expect when you reach "Go Time!"


Can I really do this in a Weekend?


The truth is, there are many factors that go into how long it will take you to makeover your bedroom, and like with everything, individual results vary.  However, we believe that the average person can complete this makeover in two days by following our instructions, planning ahead, and being committed to getting the job done.

That being said, there is a reason we call this course Weekend Warrior. It's going to take a lot of effort and discipline to meet your goal. But none of that will compare to the amount of pride you will feel once you've accomplished your makeover.    

We know you are serious and we know you can do this. 

What's Inside the Course?


The course consists of 3 modules and can be completed in just 2 hours


There's no better way to get ready for an epic Weekend Warrior adventure than Bootcamp. 

  • Explore the three Kinwoven Aesthetics and narrow down the bedrooms
  • Review the Bedrooms and learn how to choose the one that's right for you
  • Learn the Weekend Warrior process and prepare for a successful weekend
  • Learn how to pick the weekend you will complete your Bedroom Makeover


Each of the twelve bedrooms has a comprehensive Design Plan to follow as you recreate the look in your space. 

  • 3D rendering to use as a visual example of the final product
  • Flat Moodboard breaking down the design piece by piece
  • Shopping guide to help you find pieces that match the vibe of the room
  • Video tutorial from Rebecca or Sharrah explaining how to recreate the room and apply it to your space no matter the layout


We call the 2 Days you will be executing your makeover "Go Time!" and will provide you with guidance on how to get the job done in the time alotted. 

  • Hour-by-hour Timeline for the Morning, Afternoon, and Evening of Day 1
  • Hour-by-hour Timeline for the Morning, Afternoon, and Evening of Day 2


What Happens Once I Join?



You will receive...

  • Lifetime access to the course on this state-of-the-art E-learning platform that tracks your progress as you learn directly from Rebecca & Sharrah. Set up your username and password and log in to enter the course. Start with the introduction before moving on to Module 1 and work at your own pace.  


  • 34-page comprehensive workbook you'll use to apply what you learn in the course to your own home.  Download the workbook right away so you can follow along on your computer or print out a copy for easy use.  


  • One FREE bedroom design plan of your choice BUY NOW AND RECEIVE ALL 12 BEDROOM DESIGN PLANS Once inside you will receive instructions on how to select and access your FREE Bedroom Design Plan. While one plan of your choice is included with your purchase, you can purchase additional Bedroom Design Plans once inside the course. 


  • Exclusive Kinwoven Templates. During the course, you will be able to download exclusive Weekend Warrior templates we have created to help you apply our process to your room.



Weekend Warrior Course



  •  Life-Time Access to Course ($127 value)
  • One FREE Bedroom Design Plan of your Choice ($27 value) BUY NOW AND RECEIVE ALL 12 BEDROOM DESIGN PLANS
  • Exclusive Kinwoven Templates