No matter your budget, or level of experience, you deserve to live in a well-designed home.

Sharrah Stevens & Rebecca Robeson

Kinwoven Founders

We have served over 25,000 paying customers. Here is some of what they have to say:

Regina Decker

"The course has given me a step-by-step set of actions.  I have learned to take it one room at a time, and to use symmetry at all times.  I am so proud of my family room and now need to move on to bedrooms and other spaces.  I have a confidence I've never had before.  Thank you so much for your generous spirit!  I have gained so much!"

Diane Watson

"Just wanted to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to Rebecca and Sharrah. Through the years I have watched you Ladies transform homes and change lives.  Thank you so much for your love of people, your time, and energy.  My takeaways so far are Be Intentional!  This is something I have not been in my quest for cozy, calm, and cohesiveness.  I am loving this course."

Elizabeth Santin

"I bought the Weekend Warrior course to improve my accessorizing skill. Accessorizing is still a struggle. Kinwoven is literally listing the accessories. If there is a template, this ADD, Dyslexic squirrel can do it. Lists are like horse blinders, they keep you focused in a world full of fabulous accessories. Thank you!!"

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 100+ Hours & Counting of Interior Design Training for just $9.99/mo


Join our community to browse our entire library of content and receive personalized advice from Rebecca & Sharrah during their monthly Live Q&A's. 


Your A-Z roadmap to learn how to turn your home, into your dream home.  All in a self-paced, easy-to-follow online course, broken up into 8 modules, taught by the people who made it. 

Over the last few years, we've received thousands of requests from people wanting to learn our process. We were always so busy with our clients and our content we never took the time to stop and write it all down for you. Until now. 

We are handing over the step-by-step process we use to create life-changing homes... to you. 


Choose one of twelve beautiful bedrooms and follow along as Rebecca & Sharrah teach you exactly how to apply their design to your room in just two days.  

So often the only thing holding you back from a beautiful bedroom makeover is time. Well as a Weekend Warrior you can throw that excuse out the window, because with this course we can teach you how to get it done in just two days. 

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“Learning from Rebecca & Sharrah was incredible. I was never very good at design, but now I feel confident and capable.”


Sarah P.

About Rebecca & Sharrah

Rebecca Robeson and Sharrah Stevens, the mother-daughter founders of Kinwoven, and decades-long interior designers with a celebrated track record, are sharing everything they know about interior design with you. 

With over 30 years of experience as a professional interior designer, Rebecca is known worldwide for her impeccable style and breathtaking transformations. As the first interior designer on YouTube, Rebecca has built a large and loyal following of viewers that can’t get enough of her quick wit and jaw-dropping projects.

Sharrah is an expert at turning complex design principles into easy-to-implement tips and tricks. Whether she is showing you how to decorate a living space, or how to install a shiplap wall, Sharrah’s grace and charm will get you out of your chair and into do-it-yourself mode in no time at all.

Over 2 Million people around the world follow Rebecca & Sharrah on social media and their passion for helping people make life-changing homes led to the creation of Kinwoven, an interior design media company that has served over 25,000 paying customers. 


Virtual Consultations 

Schedule a one-on-one video call with Rebecca, Sharrah, or a Kinwoven Certified Design Coach to receive personalized support as you make the most of your home.