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The course has given me a step-by-step set of actions

I have learned to take it one room at a time, and to use symmetry at all times.  I am so proud of my family room and now need to move on to bedrooms and other spaces.  I have a confidence I've never had before.  Thank you so much for your generous spirit!  I have gained so much!

- Regina Decker

Just wanted to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to Rebecca and Sharrah     

Through the years I have watched you Ladies transform homes and change lives.  Thank you so much for your love of people, your time, and energy.  My takeaways so far are Be Intentional!  This is something I have not been in my quest for cozy, calm, and cohesiveness.  I am loving this course.

- Diane Watson

This IS changing my life!

I've been a big fan of yours since 2019, I follow both of you on YouTube and Instagram. I'm a Design Session member for a few years and I also have the Life Changing Home Design course. The Tools from the Design Sessions inspire me so much and help me to get to know my own design style. Finally I can develop my talent. This IS changing my life! I am so happy with the changes in our rental. And this is just the beginning.

- Alexia Morgenroth

I bought the Weekend Warrior course to improve my accessorizing skills     

Accessorizing is still a struggle. Kinwoven is literally listing the accessories. If there is a template, this ADD, Dyslexic squirrel can do it. Lists are like horse blinders, they keep you focused in a world full of fabulous accessories. Thank you!!

- Elizabeth Santin

Love it!     

I absolutely love Rebecca and Sharrah and all the help they have been to me in gaining confidence in my own small Interior Decorating business.  The course taught me some new things, gave me confidence in other things and was done with excellence!!

- Cynthia Duhm

Great knowledge, Detailed Guidance, Passionate Designers

I love love these girls, more than just a school, I feel them super close to me, like family, and they have an excellent set of classes in this app for everyone who wants to learn about interior design, decor, or watch the sweetest girls teaching you decor and design principles. 

- Dalimdz

Informative and inspiring

The design sessions are very informative and inspiring. Since I began watching them, I’ve seen more ideas, how things go together well, and how to execute the job, start to finish. Thank you Rebecca and Sharrah! 

Lovely life- the gift of design spent on us      

Thank you for willingly and intentionally giving your gift to all of us through this platform. Your conviction and consistency in presenting the blessing of beauty and order in our homes is a true gift to daily life. To make Beauty and Design attainable through your professional careers and gifting’s from our Heavenly Father in your presenting this course is an impact that is very much needed in our world. Thank you for making it available to us and continuing to invest in the catalog of information and examples we can enjoy and transform our lives with your coaching cheering and support. Thank you for making it personable through sharing your family life and what’s behind some of the decisions you make. Design does have a beautiful myriad of function and beauty in order to be a true blessing , thank you for breaking it down into easy steps and easy understanding. You guys are amazing thank you for doing it as a mother and daughter and family it’s truly awesome. 

- Shoshana in Bend Oregon

The best Interior design school.

The value of Design Sessions is incredible. Their level of detailed guidance and passion for design never fails to impress their members.

- LiveDesign

Design Sessions

If you wish you had a girlfriend who was talented, fun, kind, loves helping others and gives amazing design advice with attention to details that make a difference….. Rebecca and Design Sessions are for you! I love the way Rebecca gives careful thought to how a room is used, the layout for both form and function, the lighting and cohesion. She is adorable to watch and there is lots to learn! 



So glad I found Rebecca and Sharrah on YouTube. I purchased the Design session recently and I am so happy with all the content. Looking forward to learning more and making changes to my living space. 

-Michele from Mentor, Ohio

Love it ❤️   

I just love the design sessions. I have always loved decorating now I can sharpen my new skills. I hope to be able to master that Robeson flare. Taking it over the top with all the sessions giving me the tools to excel. Thank you so much for these lessons I truly feel blessed 🙏🙏. 

- yguild

Luv Design Sessions  

I luv design sessions. I have filled Rebecca on YouTube for the last 5 years. I have enjoyed the Kinwoven design sessions since day 1. I have learned so much. I started with our master bedroom window treatments and furniture placement. Then kitchen and dining window treatments and new furniture selection for great room including rugs, mirrors and art placement. The Christmas decor was amazing. I luv the transformation I our home. 

- DesignCurve 

Value Value Value    

Rebecca and Sharrah offer provide so much great information that I feel as though I’m stealing for the price of the subscription. I’m excited to put the information into practice! 

- tcbritti

I love the design sessions      

I love the sessions and have learned so much out of them. I really appreciate the level of detail that it is shared with us and the way the Rebecca and Sharrah share their style and ideas. I would fully recommend the design sessions because is the perfect place to learn from a really experienced team… I have been a member and will continue to be :) 

- M Enam


Hello Ladies! I am learning so much, and am so grateful for you choosing to share your talents! I became a member yesterday and I am watching everything I can get my hands on!! I’m so excited!! I will be measuring spaces and sending photos ASAP!! Thank you!!! 

- 2homes


This is all you need!!! Really the best purchase of 2022!!! 

- mila aneta 

Gives me confidence     

I have enjoyed the design sessions because it answers many of the questions I have had in decorating my home. I am enjoying the light hearted manner in which the information is presented. I feel far more confident in approaching design than I did before. Thank you, Rebecca, Sharrah and Tyler. 

- jrbrew 


Just wish I had found you sooner. Now I see everything wrong in my house!! Now I see why it never felt cohesive. Your channel has certainly inspired me to change what I can at age 75! You are so fun to watch and you are beautiful and contagious!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the average homemaker

- Bonniemck33

Cannot get enough of the design sessions!     

Where do I start?! Well first of all thank you so much for putting in so much of your time and knowledge into these sessions. I love to be able to take the information I’m learning and try to apply it in my own home. I really enjoy having on demand access to all the tools so I can go back and refresh on whatever I am working on. Rebecca is a joy to watch and very relatable! (Even though she is a top notch designer) My home is “growing up one design session at a time” 

- Lyg

Truly educational and an exceptional value!     

Having watched the YouTube uploads for sometime now, I am a true fan of Rebecca’s work and I picked up design ideas and tips along the way. I am embarking on my own home renovation so I decided to join the Design Sessions. I have only been a member for a few days and I am totally amazed at the wealth of information that is shared. I knew it would help me but never realized just how much. Now, I know just how much I don’t know however, I am gaining confidence in the areas where I have educated myself learning from Design Sessions. The “Tools” are extremely educational and only having watched a few has made me revisit my plans. These sessions have already saved me money, not to mention the the time and aggravation of dealing with mistakes. Ms. Robison provides very good perspective, alternatives and tips. Anyone interested in design or simply those who want to improve their home aesthetics will truly benefit from her years of experience

- RosieRK


The design session is more than just decor. The design session has helped me reach my creativity to a whole new level. I have been a member for over a year and I’m loving every moment. The design session is my family. 

- Elizabeth1287

Love it!     

I have been a design sessions member almost since the very beginning. There’s nowhere else like it. I know she’s very busy but my favorites are the sessions done live. I learn so much from watching her process in real time. It’s like she flips through her enormous wealth of knowledge, like going through a rolodex, as she customizes a fix to our long held problems as effortlessly as she makes her morning coffee! Rebecca’s the best! Sharrah’s great also; as I’m almost fifty. What a great team they make! 

- Tal'sWife

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